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Default Stealing relatives

I recently found out that my fucking fat cousin was the one who stole my phone..

now me him are not that close but we're cool.. he'd drop by at my house.. sometimes asks something to eat .. we talk here and there.. we play hoops once in a while..

It's a long and confusing story on how I found out... He has no history of such things.. but believe me it was HIM.

I talked to him in a "read between the lines" type of way... so he asked if I'm accusing him.. with little sarcasm I said "No"

anyway.. if the this happened to you.. how would you handle it?

'cause I don't know if I should talk to him and be straight to the point this time.. He's my cousin.. I don't want to create any tension..

but honestly I want to kick his balls so hard I'd create a v@gina
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