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Default Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)

with the clippers losing, if the kings won this game we could've been within 1 game of the 8th playoff spot. i was honestly scared about this game, knowing we owned them yesterday they were going to come out fired up. nice rally in the 4th but fell short on our home floor.

Why We Lost:

1. Freethrows: The Sonics were a lot more agressive than the Kings. they shot 11 more freethrows and shot over 90 percent while we were down at 60 percent. Kevin Martin was 4 of 7 from the free throws.

2. Turnovers: In the last few minutes, the Sonics were the ones making all the plays. There was a big turnover late in the game when it was still within reach for sacramento, only down 5, we have the ball but the offense looks they dont know what to do, Salmons drives it and turns it over and Ray Allen hits a three.

3. Mike Bibby: Wake the **** up! I'm so frustrated with Mike this season i support him the whole nine yards but it's getting tot he point gotta start playing with a sense of urgency and not jacking up 7 three pointers each game. 4 turnovers for bibby, as well as his LOOOOOOOONG shooting slump continues here.

4. Injuries & Point blank shots: Kenny thomas would have really helped us out there tonight along with Brad Miller, we were really shorthanded tonight and we are already a very small frontcourt team. As for point blank shots...Corliss...c'mon man you gotta hit those.

5. Chris Wilcox: 25 Points, he was big tonight.
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