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Our best players didn't come up in big moments when we needed them most.

Too many mental breakdowns, mistakes, and turnovers.

Too many forced shots, blown assignments, and bad decision making on both ends of the floor.

No excuses when you lose that kind of lead. The way we performed in the 3rd and 4th quarters was absolutely terrible. Can't come out like that.

It started with Rose and trickled down. Rose did have a bad game we know that. But in times like that we have other guys that can and should step up in those type of situations. I can blame Rose without a problem, but when he's saved us so many times before I can't sit here and throw the blame at him for too long because just because he has in the past doesn't mean he should have to every time.

Boozer could have and should have stepped up as well.

Rose could have done a better job of finding Boozer and others since he was having a bad shooting night.
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