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Default Re: So how are Kings fans feeling?

Originally Posted by Targus™
it's 1 bad season he's having, trading him will be just like turning our back on him after all these years and what he's done for us.

IMO it's not just about trading him to trade him, it's about trading him to kick off a rebuilding process. It's not necessarily all about Bibby, it's about what's best for the franchise in the long term. BTW, if we sent him to a contender while we end up a lottery team I don't really see how that's turning our back on him or betraying him. It's doing him a favor because he's in the prime of his career right now, these are the years he'll never get back where he should be contending. He's not good enough to lead a team and he's not bad enough to let the team suck while he stays, so he is good enough to be one of the best players on a mediocre team(look at last year for the proof). IMO, a Baron Davis type PG is a guy that is talented enough to make a team better. But first off we need a good draft pick or two, get another young star to go with KMart.
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