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Default Re: So how are Kings fans feeling?

Originally Posted by Targus™
he's said time and time again that he wants to stay in Sacramento because he thinks it's a good situation for him and his family. i see your point and it makes a lot of sense, but I just can't stand when the Kings are mediocre. Right now, the team is only a notch or two above average imo although their record doesn't portray that. But in order to get better you have to get worse, and you can never tell how long that will take. Basically if Mike keeps playing like this then it'll be obvious he's not even trying, i mean when have we ever seen mike jack up so many threes and avoid getting to the basket? Do you think it might be the coach's style of using him?
No, it seems like he doesn't have that intensity anymore. It seems like he doesn't care. Maybe the losing has gotten to him? He probably also feels betrayed.
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