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Default Re: Anybody watch Barack's speech from Saturday?

Originally Posted by reppy
If your past consists of: heavy drug abuse, failed businesses, corruption and having everything handed to you by your daddy's friends.. I don't think we should look beyond your past. That's reason enough not to vote you in. Besides, what you do in the past is precedent for what you can do in the future.

If you smoked a joint, I don't care. If you killed a hooker, I care.

precisely my point.

I am a right leaning libertarian, so I view Barrack with wary eyes... but my point is as long as he is trying to make a concerted effort to appear President-like and truly reform himself, then he should be given a fair shot at the Oval Office.

besides... if he really did those atrocious acts, it boggles the mind why he is a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.
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