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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

Gelling does effect players offensively as well as defensively. Have you not played organized sports? I assume you havent.
Let me explain something. You have to learn new plays and a whole new language. Not only offensively but defensively as well. I may say down, low, behind, green to mean a man is open behind me. On another team low may mean rotate to the lowest post player and double.

I played on two baseball teams and two football teams at the same time and there were so many times I was out of position or i misread the managers sign because the language/signs were different from the other team. I made many mistakes and it took time to remember all those things. Being out of position allows team to score easily.

As fans we just assume you get a bunch of guys on the floor and go like its a YMCA pick up game and it doesnt work like that. Now I will say this if the coach doesnt take time to practice defense then its his fault. But they are teaching a bunch key guys a NEW offense as well.

"effort" and "energy" is something we can complain about on the defensive end. For sure. Chauncey and whoever is in the locker room can say whatever they want about defense but if you have practice and the coach spends the whole time installing offense and never defense then it would be Dumbtoni's fault but we are not prevy to such information!

Originally Posted by Clutch
Our losses doesn't have anything to do with "gelling".

You think that we won't lose like this for a month ?
If you think that you are wrong.

Our defense SUCKS.
When you allow bunch of D-League players to score 117 points in your arena then you SUCK at defense.

We won't change that until we fire D'Antoni.
Players don't have a habit to defend hard whole game and D'Antoni doesn't force them to do that either.

This team needs a good defensive coach because without him we will suck.

And I don't want to see any of your excuses because they are not in the place.
Like Billups and Turiaf would change anything.
Billups had a great game last time we played them and we still lost.
We would lost with him again.

No excuse for losing against bunch of D-League players.

We are the same team we were before the trade.
Only difference is that now we spread scoring through 3 guys and then we were spreading it through 5-6 guys.

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