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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

Originally Posted by Clutch
When you lose against the worst team in the league and start to panic it's an overreaction.

When you lose second game against the worst team in the league and start to panic it's an a slight overreaction.

When you lose the third game against the worst team in the league at home while killing their 26 games losing road streak then I don't see overreaction.
The over reaction is the fact that this team is starting again new in the same season.

The opponent is irrelevant at this time of the game.

It does suck that the worse team in the League has our number.

No different than it sucked for Miami to lose to us in their building, while blowing a 15 point lead.

The point is......things happen.

The team wasn't playing defense before this trade, so it leads me to believe that defense isn't stressed much at all.

Only offensive execution.

But I truly mean, if this team can go .500 since the trade, I will take that.

The Knicks team is no where near completion.

And as much as I want D'antoni gone, it ain't happening this season.

They would have to miss the playoffs for it to be considered.

Now after 20 or so games into next season and the team flounders, then I could see it.
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