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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

^^^I agree. D'Antoni now has no excuses. He has a legitimate seasoned PG who has won an NBA Championship and two legitimate superstars in the NBA. If they do not make the playoffs and are going through the very same struggles as we are now beginning next year, D'antoni will have to go. What is VERY necessary in the off season is to take current roster and break it down into two distinct categories: What you have to be a championship caliber team and What you need.
Have: Billups, Melo, Stat, Fields.
Complimentary: Shawne Williams, Carter, Turiaf, MAYBE Douglas
Need: True back up PG, rugged rebounder(s), interior defense, true defensive philosophy
One of two of the first two needs will be addressed in the draft. The Knicks will be picking either a PG or rebounder in the draft. What then needs to be done is look at FA and go after what the best of the bunch that we can afford to fill the other need areas. We don't need more offense; we need players that are looking to do the little things that make a team championship caliber. If all of that or 95% is satisfied and we still are having issues in the first quarter of next season, then D'Antoni has to go.
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