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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

Originally Posted by Clutch
I have played organized sports (and I was pretty much good at it,especially on the defensive end) and I understand what are you talking about.
But man,get real.
This team won't play defense this season no matter how long they play together.
They simply don't try.

Of course you will play better defense if you get used to each other but if you don't try to play it then it's completely irrelevant how much you play together.

Team before the trade was well gelled and they still weren't playing defense.

Give us a new coach and I can guarantee that our defense would much better in matter of months.

Oh man.

The problem with this defense isn't just effort, it's knowing defensive assignments. Players don't know who to help and how the rotations work. Therefore players are confused and hesitate to close out on shooters. The defensive rotations are horrible, and the only way you improve that is by practicing. And no, they won't be a good defensive team this year since it takes time for defenses to come together and be effective.

I amateur sports rotations aren't that important, in the NBA one missed assignment will lead to a wide open jumper. And we know that those shots are all net.
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