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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
Clutch, no offense, but I have a feeling you weren't the player who did well in pressure situations in games.
Actually I wasn't a good offensive player but I was very good defender.
Nobody expected from me to make big time plays on the offensive end in the clutch time.

May I ask you why are you saying that ?

You saw that I am really nervous when the game time comes ?

And no, they won't be a good defensive team this year since it takes time for defenses to come together and be effective.
I have never said we will be a good defensive team this year.
I don't expect from them to be a good defensive team right now.Only thing which I ask is not being horrible and they are.
They are HORRIBLE defensive team.

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