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Default Re: 2/6/11 Knicks @ Hawks (W)

The Good
1.Amare was in "when animals attack" mode in the second half.
2.We were on fire from three in the 4th quarter.
3.We actually played the best defense we've played since D'Antoni's been here.
4.Melo was off but he didnt force it.He had some nice assists.Those offensive fouls on him and STAT were bullshit.The refs were killing us last night.
5.The fact that it was practically a home game (once again) helped a lot.6.
6.Chauncey is an excellent leader.He is as vocal as the coaches during intermissions and timeouts.
7.Anthony Carter is old and limited but the guy plays really good D and hit some big shots.
8.Mason Jr gave us some decent minutes.Made me wonder how he never got ANY minutes.Not saying he should be a significant part of our rotation but he doesn't deserve a season full of DNPs
9.Landry Fields erased Joe Johnson's overrated ass.Despite that one nice spin move,dude was non-existent.
10.We played intense basketball against a good team which seems to be our M.O. at this point
11.Carter and Williams stepped up!

The Bad
1.Jared Jeffries was the biggest waste of time acquisition AGAIN! I dont care what any of you guys say who wanted him here.He SUCKS.He does absolutely nothing on the court.All he does is make me hate the announcers and "analyst" even more.They overglorify role players.They make it seem like it's a good thing that he's only made like 1 shot since he's been here.Then D'Antoni has the nerve to say he's "the anchor of our defense".Well I guess that's why we have one of the worst defenses in the league.No way you can convince me he's even an upgrade from Turiaf.At least Turiaf can compete with the big guys down low.On 3 occassions,Kirk Hinrich ripped rebounds away from him.On 3 other occassions,I saw Teague/Hinrich penetrate and dished for dunks and he neither picked up the pg nor the big man he dished it to.

2.Toney Douglas is awful.He dribbles at least 10 seconds off the shot clock before he even initiates the offense.He loses the ball without even being guarded.

3.We have so many guys on our bench who just arent any good.This is why I dont get the buyer's remorse some ppl have about the trade.We didn't lose any much from our bench and we clearly improved our starting lineup.
Trade or no trade,our supporting cast is very limited.
Jared Jeffries,Shelden Williams,Toney Douglas,Renaldo Balkman,Andy Rautins all non-factors.A huge test for Walsh will be who returns after these guys expires and who we replace them with.We need some young guys who can play or at least have promise.
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