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Default Re: Jimmer Fredette and GF Engage in Sexual Activities

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
This seems insane to me. So you cant engage in sexual activities while your at the school? How's that even work considering 90%(guestamating here) lose there V-Card in high school? You'd basically go from having sex to being cut off from it for 2-4 years or however long. Does this mean even regular students too?. How do you even enforce that type of rule? Seems stupid to have. What about girls\guy's with bf's\gf's at other schools? breaks?. If kid's in highschool can get away with banging there brains out not sure how you'd stop them from doing it in college.

Not sure if I'm understanding this correctly. Just seems like an absurd rule for college. ****ing mormons, leave it to them to ruin college.

They aren't ruining shit.

It's like joining the military and then complaining that you can't fly a Chinese flag out your window on the base.

Students take a vow to live their lives by Mormon standards.


If you don't want to abide by said standards there is University of Utah, Weber State, Utah State, Salt Lake Community College, Westminster, and Snow College.

No one FORCES them to take that oath....they do it under their own free will.

So blaming Mormons or BYU is a logic fail.

Blame yourself for not knowing what you signed up for.

The player in question could have went to a half dozen schools but CHOSE Utah.

His fault.
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