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Default Re: Jimmer Fredette and GF Engage in Sexual Activities

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
My value system? What? They can do whatever they please. I dislike there religion, that's all. That rule what I was originally talking about, is stupid. Kid's aren't going to follow it, witch is obvious seeing how these reports are leaking out. If every day reg kids were sports stars you'd probably get 10x more leaks as well. It's there bodies and they should be able to do what they want with it. Old enough in college to decide that for yourself.

That's why I think the rule is stupid. Too many reasons to list to name why I don't like there religion in general.

Regular kids get kicked out for violating this rule as well.

FAct is that THOUSANDS of kids apply to BYU knowing the rules because they offer a good education.

I don't necessarily agree with the Mormon religion or any organized religion for that matter but I can see past MY preferences to the good things they do for the world and in the community.

Mormons didn't owe me shit but the Mormon hospital helped me, my wife, and my new born son when they didn't have to....and I'm not Mormon.

They constantly serve those who are different from them even though they disagree with their lifestyles.

I know they do some bad but they also do good in the world and that can't be denied.

If you want to have sex and not live under Mormon/reliogious standards then go to a secular university.

Plain and simple.
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