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Default Re: Jimmer Fredette and GF Engage in Sexual Activities

Originally Posted by Go Getter
No one is trying to change your stance I'm pointing out the obvious flaw in your original argument.

If the rule is stupid then don't go to the University.

Don't do all the paperwork, take the oath, matriculate, then break rules and whine about it.

I never said anything about that tho? You keep on saying people knew before they went and I'm not even talking about any of that. I'm saying in general I believe the rule is stupid. Not talking about students taking an oath, knowingly going there or ANY of that. Just saying the rule is stupid. Leave it to the mormons to take some fun out of the college. Not defending any of the people who didn't obey the rule.

So not sure why you keep bringing all that stuff up. Not saying it's ok for students who agreed to go there to whine about it. Just saying IIIIIIII think the rule is stupid. That's it.
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