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Default Re: Jimmer Fredette and GF Engage in Sexual Activities

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Because you obviously think that your opinion is gospel.

No one but your mommy cares what you think.

It's a religious school, their rules are catered to ppl of that faith.

They don't ask you or I to the rule isn't stupid, ppl that expect others to fit into their mold are.

Personal insults usually = your cage rattled for whatever reason. Aren't you like 30? Picturing a 30 year old saying to me "nobody but your mommy cares what you think" kinda entertaining. As a 20 year old not even sure if I'd come back with that inmature of a rebuttal. Probably woulda called you an idiot or something like that. To each his own.

Anyways I do not think my opinion is gospel. Already said I have my stance and I wasn't budging. I think it's stupid for people to decide for people that age that they can't have sexual relations. I never once said the students should complain because like you repeated 10x(when I never was even talking about that) they knew what they were getting into when they signed up.

I think having sex is a personal choice, thus why I disagree with the rule. Not telling them how to run it, who should listen to it. Just that I don't agree with it. Just like someone not agreeing with something about another religion or somebody not agreeing with the NBA getting rid of handchecking. I simply don't agree with the rule that's all. My own personal opinion.

Comprehend that amigo?
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