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Default Importance of #1 or #2 Seed

Now that we are in possession of the 2 seed... How important is it for us to hold onto it or even move up to the top seed?

I tend to think that the Bulls don't need one of the top two seeds in order to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but I do believe that if we have one of the top two seeds our road to the ECF will be easier and will give us a better chance to advance for a chance at the title.

The Celtics are our greatest threat. I really think that we can beat anyone else in the Eastern Conference with or without home court advantage. I can see us beating the Celtics in a 7-game series but only if we have home court.

If we get the 2 seed and play the Sixers and then the Heat both obviusly at home I see us getting to the ECF.

If we get the 3 seed and play the Knicks and then the Heat (with them having home court advantage) I still see us getting to the ECF but I see the road being signficantly tougher with the Knicks being more of a fight than the Sixers and the Heat putting up more of a fight with home court advantage leading us to being more worn down after two competitive series.

If we get the 1 seed that would mean an ECF matchup against the C's with us having homecourt.

The Bulls have really impressed all of us fans this season, but now its time to realize our true potential. If we wouldn't have had all the injuries we'd already have the 1 seed, but I think it's still ours to take. We can make a strong push and get the top spot. We have alot of winnable games and games we should win. Let's go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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