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Default Chicago Bulls Fan Card

I've been posting on ISH for about almost 10 years now back before we moved to these forums and I remember having just the "Chicago Bulls Thread" back in the NBA Forum (there were only a few sub-forums there). Well, back then we have like a roll-call type of thing where the real fans of the Bulls would post their fan info about the team and I thought it would be a good idea to have this here.

Bulls fan since : 1995
Favorite Bulls player of all time : MJ of course
Favorite Current Bull : Joakim Noah/Derrick Rose
Favorite Bulls team : 1995-1996
Favorite Bulls Game : 2009 1st Round Game 6 v. Boston
Favorite Bulls series : 1998 ECF v. Indiana (just cuz you felt it coming to an end)
Favorite Bulls Play : MJ's last shot
Game you remembered the most that the Bulls did not win : 1997 Season Finale against NYK that prevented back-to-back 70 win seasons (I think I was beating up my pillow after Pip missed the 3 at the end of the game)
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