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Default Re: 2/6/11 Knicks @ Hawks (W)

#1 explain how Jared Jeffries has been "solid" on defense.Drawing 2 charges in a whole game when you're getting big time minutes (almost 26 per game) is not cutting it.

Ronny @ least gives you just over a block per game in 7 less minutes and only one less rebound per game.So yes I do think Turiaf is better honestly.I don't think Turiaf is good at all but he's better than Jeffries IMO.He brings more energy.He's a bigger presence down low on D.He runs the court better and he finishes stronger.It's funny cuz some ppl nickname Turiaf "TendeRonny" but if anyone is tender,it's Jeffries frail ass. Im not even exaggerating when I say,if I could get rid of anyone on our team,he would be my choice for sure.

#2 Jasi,did you read the context in which Rautins and Douglas has were mentioned in the same sentence? I was referring to reserves who need to be replaced.And I would hope Douglas is better than Rautins.He was a 1st round pick with guaranteed money.Rautins doesnt make much more than league minimum nor does he get a chance to prove he's any better.Not making excuses for him...I'm just sayin.
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