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Post Re: So, it turns out that JJ is a good basketball player.

Originally Posted by KelticForce1349
Dude! Where in the world have you been???????? It seems like this is the 1st time you have posted all year...the team is having such a great season...what gives?

You always provide quality posts so I hope you stick around.

Mostly a combination of the site being blocked at work and not having any free time away from work, but I'll try to be a bit more regular for the playoff push.

Speaking of which, I don't understand why Thibs keeps Korver in at the end of games when we are ahead. I realize he can stretch the floor for Rose to drive, but if he's not shooting the ball he really has no business on the floor. His defense is too awful for that. We can get away with this during the regular season, but in a close game in the playoffs, teams will take major advantage of Kyle being on the floor. Keep Brewer in at the end, and do the same thing you do with Boozer and Gibson for offense/defense in the last minute. This is only if we are winning. If we are losing, I have no problem keeping him out there since he's our best shooter.
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