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Default Re: Game 62 Bobcats @ Blazers 3/5/11 10pm

They told him the day of the trade he wasn't being moved.

Kennedy: Gerald Wallace Didn't See Trade Coming
When the Charlotte Bobcats decided to trade Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trail Blazers, it was news to everyone, including Wallace. The forward had no idea that he was being shopped, and the trade completely blindsided him.

"I was shocked," Wallace told HOOPSWORLD. "I was kind of disappointed because I didn't see it coming. It was just one of those things that you're not expecting and it catches you off guard."

In the hours leading up to the trade deadline, Wallace was confident that he wasn't going anywhere. That's because the decision makers in Charlotte repeatedly told him that he wouldn't be traded. Even on the morning of Feb. 24, the team reiterated that they had no plans to move him.

"I think you always see it, but it's harder when the organization is telling you, 'We're not going to trade you. You're good. You're the one guy we're going to keep.' When hours later, you end up getting traded, that's the tough part about it. That's how it goes," Wallace said.

When the team finally broke the news to Wallace, he couldn't believe how they went about it. Rather than communicate with him throughout the process or even explain the thinking behind their decision, they simply told the veteran: "We're ready to part ways."

What a way to treat the guy who gave his all to this franchise.

Considering this and how they treated Richardson, Raja Bell & Felton I'm starting to wonder if even the mid tier FAs would consent to come here.
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