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Default Re: Game 64 Bobcats v Bulls 3/9/11 7pm

Originally Posted by Timmeh
DJ was supposed to be one of the top prospects a few years ago. I want to think he either was a one and done and should've spent more time in college, or he went straight from high school and has been a Kwame Brown type his entire career.

I'd say don't underestimate late round picks. Somehow those crazy Spurs build a contending team with late round picks. I have no clue how they did it but really since they drafted Tim Duncan they have no lottery pick.

More often than not late 1st rounders play just as good as lottery picks. I think trading Nazr for White is a wise move. White's performance so far is on par, if not better than Mohammed's.

Plus there's always the chance to trade Wallace back at a low cost next or the season after.
I just don't see how GW's able to play a PF for long. Another concussion will probably kill him.
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