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The Payton/Coleman draft wasn't that bad becasue of Payton and Coleman. coleman was an AS, Payton is a Hall of Famer. After that is real crap.

Somone do a draft flashback - how many drafts boast at least 1 AS and 1 HOF'er?

OK to answer my own question - there is at least one All-star in every draft. My Allstar memory isn't good enough to really say it for sure. As far as HOF, I only went until 2000, because after that career are too short and HOF is too close to call.

85: P.Ewing - 1 HOF'er
86: Unless you count Arvydas in the Euro exception - 0
87: D.Robinson and pippen - 2
88: Mitchmond and Rod Strickland are the 2 best players. I say 0
89: Rice, Elliot, Mookie. 0 HoF'ers
90: Payton - 1 HoF'er
91: LJ (career too short injured) and Deke. MAYBE 1. Its real close.
92: Shaq and 'Zo. Definitely 1, maybe 2.
93: Best players were Webber and Casell. MAYBE 1. Its real close.
94: Kidd and Hill. Definitely 1, maybe 2.
95: KG - Definitely 1
96: Kobe, AI, Nash, maybe Allen - Could hit 5
97: Duncan, T-Mac -Definitely 1, maybe 2.
98: Pierce, Carter, Dirk - 3 Maybes
99: Brand, Marion- 2 maybes
00: 0

Over a 16 years span, only 8 years produced a definite HoF'er.

(2nd edit, someohow left Duncan off)

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