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Default Re: Kings@Rockets game thread

instead of doing my post-game analysis, for this one i'm going to ask Eric Musselman a question that really frustrates me

why the **** do you have john salmons in crunch time! being clutch is nowhere in his resume, and as somebody esle said the knock on him in philly was that he wanted to take big shots. john kills us with his late-game turnovers, u saw him do it on sunday but you stick with him...i'd rather have garcia in there. but what really pissed be off was when we refused to pass the ball to mike bibby or ron artest, salmons was being worn like a coat and you know the rest...just plain frustrating. yeah he played good D on t-mac at times but at that point you're down by three you need offense.

btw, another reason to get Muss out of here a.s.a.p:
- Cannot win overtime games. 0-5...
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