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Originally Posted by ukplayer4
do you really notice much difference? honestly? i watch dvd's in my blu ray player ona 42 inch hd plasma, it is suposse to "upscale" to 720 but i think thats bullshit, that would involve creating pixels that arent there. but the quality is very good. im yet to even watch a blu ray disc in my blu ray player, i really cant justify tripple the price or more for a blu ray when the picture quality is so damn good anyway. im keen to see something just to compare tho.

I have picked up some of my blu rays from Blockbuster. Once a film has been out for a month or so they start selling the ex rental copies.

I have picked up

Hellboy 2 for 7
Iron Man 8
Shutter Island 7

Not too bad considering a brand new DVD usually costs the same or more.
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