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Originally Posted by pete's montreux
I did this for DVD's, I still have hundreds of them. I never, ever use them anymore.

For me there's a few cons:

[1] Blanks are expensive. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of modern BD's, 50 gig discs are a must, and those cost over $100 for a 50 disc bundle. Also, expect to write at no more than 4x's/

[2] Finding full BD's on torrent sites are very rare, and for older release? It's nearly impossible. The reason most people buy BD's and not DVD's are for the quality, and the overall package including the plethora of extras you get.

[3] Connecting directly to a TV is much more cost efficient, you sure said it. For the cost of one bundle, you can buy an external 2TB drive and store the data and watch it whenever you please.

These are the negatives for me personally, I'm not speaking for everyone.

Also, like I said earlier in this thread:

If you can afford it, why not? It's not like I'm buying a shit-load of them, either. 4-5 every month or so is plenty for me.

Excellent points. Like you said, if you can afford it and it is something that you really enjoy, why not? While I sit and wait for someone else to upload a 1080p Blu Ray onto a torrent site, you are being proactive and acquiring the thing yourself.

My only response to the numbered list above is No. 2. If you had a BD burner, couldn't you -- in theory -- just rent BDs and pull the data off yourself... Make the BD that way?

Or, are BDs not widely available at rental places? I don't even know because all of my movie stuff is done through torrents these days.

It does seem like a huge hassle and pretty expensive when the other alternative to buying them is doing what I do with the external drive and downloads, though. Then again, I'm not getting the 50 gig versions with all of the extras... I'd say the average size of a 1080p movie download for me is 15 gigs.

Now, the guys uploading the movies on the sites that I'm a member of are masters at encoding using the least amount of data possible, but there is certainly something worthwhile on that extra 35 gigs. I can certainly see the benefit in just buying them.

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