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Originally Posted by macmac
Yeah man underrated flick, my collection so far is very sci-fi oriented, I'm gonna try to focus on some older classics and the great comedies now

Underrated, yes definitely. It's usually forgotten in horror/thriller/science fiction lists but It's just as good as the ones that aren't. Beware of the Uncle Buck BD that was released recently in case you were thinking about that one.

Also, I'd like to recommend for your entire BD needs.

Originally Posted by big sexy
Excellent points. Like you said, if you can afford it and it is something that you really enjoy, why not? While I sit and wait for someone else to upload a 1080p Blu Ray onto a torrent site, you are being proactive and acquiring the thing yourself.

My only response to the numbered list above is No. 2. If you had a BD burner, couldn't you -- in theory -- just rent BDs and pull the data off yourself... Make the BD that way?

Or, are BDs not widely available at rental places? I don't even know because all of my movie stuff is done through torrents these days.

It does seem like a huge hassle and pretty expensive when the other alternative to buying them is doing what I do with the external drive and downloads, though. Then again, I'm not getting the 50 gig versions with all of the extras... I'd say the average size of a 1080p movie download for me is 15 gigs.

I actually don't know how available BD's are, I've honestly never even looked into it, however I seriously doubt you'd have any trouble finding new releases. Let's look at that for a second, though. Does anyone actually physically rent movies anymore? And when you did, how many BD's were displayed? Usually 1-2, maybe 5 to the entire wall of DVD's. So maybe It's grown to 10 these days? Unless you're there on the day It's released, early in the day, chances are you're going to have to wait a week or so to get the disc if you didn't make it in time. And that's for new movies. If you want to say, rent the release of Taxi Driver, would Blockbuster even have that to rent? I doubt it. They'd have it for sale for sure, but rent? Ehhh.

Also, if you're renting online through Blockbuster or Netflix, there's no way in holy f*ck you're getting that movie for at least a week or two. Stream it would be an option but that has It's cons as well.

Another down-fall of renting and burning is: those full BD's like I said are massive in size, 40-50 gigs depending on how much is on the disc as far as extras. Ripping and burning that one movie is going to take FOREVER. Shit, it used to take 30 minutes to rip a 4 gig DVD on average with a dual core machine. 50 gigs on say a quad core? Holy shit you're talking an overnight, maybe longer process.

God, that just sounds awful. Ripping that much data and then burning at such a slow speed. Is it really worth it?

You've got the best set up for someone who doesn't want to shell out the money and doesn't care about displaying the movie or having a physical copy. Just plug in a cable and bam, you're all set. You don't even have to keep the movie and take up space, delete them after if you please. Or keep them, whatever.
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