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Default Re: why are we still booing?????

Yes, I agree that Bosh didn't handle it right, but my point is that our general manager didn't handle it correctly either. No matter how much power Chris Bosh had, at the end of the day he's a basketball player, and BC is a gm. He makes the decisions and he calls the shots. The only time you don't have that power as a GM is when that player is when the player isn't under contract with you. Bottom line, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, is that BC took a gamble, and a bad one at that, and ended up failing miserably. And we can all talk about Melo's character all we want but lets not forget that the dude had the advantage of seeing the backlash of what down with Bosh and Bron, and that they sent him to the team he wanted to play for in the city where his smoking hot wife lives.
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