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Why so much Melo blame?He's doing his thing out there and he's already single-handedly won us some games.I agree that D'Antoni needs to og but I've been saying that since he got here.The problem is,the passionate fans who put themselves at the forefront only wanna complain once things get bad.There should have been a public outcry for his head long ago.This is who he's been all his career.He sends his players out to go and try to outscore ppl.We don't need that and we don't need him.He is crippling our franchise because we can't even address our defensive needs.I agree w/ Da KO King,even if we do get defensive help,it's going to rot on the bench or be underutilized.Everyone was crying how they miss Gallo but the person we really lost in that trade was Chandler but we'll never realize it.He wasn't used to his fullest potential because our coach's idea of defense is "hurry up and let them do w/e they want so we can get the ball back." Walsh needs to step in and take a stance.D'Antoni's tenure here should be up.If it's not,Walsh is clearly saying he won't part with Mike because thats "his guy".I think if Walsh doesn't pull the trigger on Mike,Walsh AND D'Antoni should be fired!No exceptions!

p.s. If we get a 2nd rounder,we could look @ Randy Culpepper from UTEP.He is like a more tamed version of Nate Robinson.
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