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Default Read Some of These Pre '08 Draft Statements


Originally Posted by DuMa
imho the bulls should pick beasley. i dont think rose is all that good.

2. Lmao the screen name!

Originally Posted by The GM
a few ideas are:

- package the #1 pick, hughes & deng or gordon for carmelo and camby (maybe throw in some pieces so it can work with the salary cap)


- Take beasley then your starting five would look significantly better then last year

PG: Hinrich
SG- Hughes
SF- Deng
PF- Beasley
C- Noah

W/ Gordon, Selfolsha & Gooden off the bench

3. Lmao

Originally Posted by the even bigger black guy
No way they take Rose. They NEED Beasley and don't need Rose.

Anyone who thinks they take Rose is an idiot.


Originally Posted by veilside23
beasley... i for one however think that durant will still be better than beasley i hope am wrong... not unless you would let go of hinrich and gordon to get a big then it would be rose but if the line up will stay as it is i expect beasley to get the nod..


Originally Posted by Hawker
You have to take Beasley. The guy is a beast man...

6.) Wtf? Lmaooooooo!

Originally Posted by bdreason
Rose is way overrated. If he's the #1 overall pick I'll laugh.

Beasely is a no-brainer. I'de even take Love over Rose.


Originally Posted by Lebron23
Michael Beasley

I am sure 5335/BULLS is happy now seeing that his team have the franchise player to take the Chicago Bulls deeper into the playoffs.


Originally Posted by chains5000
Who's gonna trade for Hinrich after his crappy season?
As for Gordon, him demanding a lot of money to resign won't help either.

The Bulls should not draft another PG.

Originally Posted by Undisputed
Everyone in Chicago would have shot themselves or became Miami Heat fans if the Bulls drafted Beasley.

Would've been the dumbest decision in management history to not have taken Rose. Especially since management evaluates them personally. Rose is a fierce competitor that is completely coachable.

Don't get me wrong, Beasley would've been good on this Bulls team, but not when it comes down to picking him over Rose. I thought it was a no brainer for Rose to be picked #1 no matter what lottery team had the pick

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