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Default Re: "Take a Hike Mike" thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Very fitting to wake this from the dead.

It stays a stick, until D'antoni is fired, quite, or brings in a defensive coach.

Here is my way of welcoming it back............

"Forgive me I have tried, I have tried to put up with Mike D'antoni.

Even blindly gave this fool some praise, for having Melo run the point forward.

But this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

There is no way on god's green earth that a team should lose to inferior competition by taking the other team as a joke.

This team is not prepared, has no concept on defense, there is absolutely no accountability.

I'm not even sure if there is a captain on the team.

All of this is on the shoulder of the coach.

I can't even rant no more I'm so mad at this puss.

Man up and coach the damn team.

Even if you didn't want Melo here D'antoni, do your damn job.

To a degree I don't think D'antoni even wanted Amar'e here.

He wanted impressionable youngsters who he can mold into pass, pass, pass, three point shooters.

He can't coach a veteran team, too damn scared to make them play the correct way.

Or Maybe D'antoni doesn't know the correct way himself.

Every chance I get, I'm on a fire D'antoni rampage.

D'antoni: "Defense will always be our achilles heel"

He makes me sick.

I hate D'antoni more than I hate a child molester.

Go the **** off my team!!!!!"

Fucking pussy.

"Fire Pringles!!!!" clap-clap-clap

"Fire Pringles!!!!" clap-clap-clap

knickcity......................................... ............... !!!
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