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Default Re: Bogans in double figures

Originally Posted by DaBigReality
Sorry, gotta disagree. If anything, Bogans has regressed since the beginning. Look at his preseason and first 10 or so games compared to the rest of the season. Hooooorible outside of a random 2 or 3 games, including this one.

And also, if the Bulls want to move to that next level (multiple championships/dynasty), they'll need to upgrade that SG spot eventually -- as in this offseason.

I like Bogans. He's a class act, hard worker, and doesn't let all this talk affect him. But a young, athletic, viable offensive option (not this random big Bogans game) would take our team over the top. It's crazy just how much a guy like Courtney Lee (if we aren't talking about losing our bigs) or Afflalo would upgrade this team.
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