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Thumbs up Re: If Melo had waited until FA..

Personally I don't think there was a chance in hell he'd give up his money but.....

I'll give a rundown if Melo came as an FA......

We would have had our core for the upcoming season.

That mean Felton, Gallo and Moz, could have been Knicks along with Melo at the start of camp.

Chandler a restricted FA, could not have been retained because we would have to renounce his rights to acquire Melo, to create the needed cap space, unless Melo takes a starting salary of about 9 mil a year.

Chandler's cap hold is around 6.5 mil with a qualifying offer for one year at the minimum of 3 mil.

9 of cap + Chandler 6.5 = close to 15.5 for Melo

So in essence Melo gives up 18 mil in the first year to make at the most 15.5.

But keep in mind he is still losing money because we have no idea what the CBA will be.

If the CBA stayed the same he stands to lose between 4 and 5 mil per season on average.

Now here is a factor...Felton and Gallo need contracts now.

Do we balloon over the cap to sign Gallo at around 8 mil per, thus killing the CP3 chances or renounce him as well and use Felton's salary of 7.5 and Turiaf of 4.5 for a total of 12 mil.

We don't have Gallo's cap hold because we are over the cap now from signing Melo.

The best bet is to trade Gallo or Turiaf or Felton for CP3 in some type of three way to get CP3 and another player maybe a Center.

Does CP3 come over for 12 mil, as a free agent or we extend and trade him as well and go over the cap, by using maybe Felton as a TPE?

So basically it comes down to, most likely we lose everybody later or lose them now?

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