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Default Re: Read Some of These Pre '08 Draft Statements

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Taking Beasley over Rose might have been a Sam Bowie over Jordan type deal.

This kid has champion written all over him and Beas isn't even close to his caliber a ball player.

I mean we all fashion ourselves to be evaluators of b ball talent and skill to some extent.

Drafting Bealey would have been a huge mistake.

Remember how negative the Bulls forum was pre 08 draft fellas.

D Rose shut a lot of "negative Nancys" up.

Screw the detractors or haters or whatever, Rose represents us well and has our most hard to please fans the happiest they've been since MJ left.

For a while I was iffy on wo to pick, but as the draft got nearer, it was obvious the better pick was Rose.
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