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Default Re: Best "VIDEO GAME" players in the league

Cool topic (the board needed a break from all the heated debates this week)


Kevin Durant: He's not fast, or super athletic, but he knows how to get open for 3pt shots; a b1tch to guard.

Kobe: The key with Kobe is to not give him any daylight. Just like real life, he's affected by pressure defense

Clyde Drexler: when he's "ON" he's a straight pain in the ass to slow down.

Carmelo Anthony : Similar to Durant, except he's stronger and harder to stop on the drive.

D-Wade : If he's heading to the basket, just give him the shot Automatic on the drive

Pau Gasol : There's nothing worse than a player who looks like he shouldn't be lighting you up (slow, unorthodox style) LIGHTING YOU UP

(I may think of some more later)
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