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Default Re: Rondo - 0 points 0 rebounds 8 assists

I'm not worried. Rondo will have bad games. As will everyone on this team. But the beautiful thing is about the Celtics... is that they don't need one player to step it up. Hell Jeff Green had 17 points by the end of the first half. ( most of those assists from Rondo.) Rondo can be in a very aggressive mode and sure, then they will demolish teams. But he can also play very timid offensively and their offense will still be fluid and quite effective if the other starters are playing to their potential.

Rondo is sort of a X factor in my opinion. As with Ray and his crazy 3 point shooting. When the offense runs through KG and Pierce, they are still formidable. Hell, once Shaq gets back, their bench won't blow leads but instead increase them.
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