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Default Re: Rondo - 0 points 0 rebounds 8 assists

Originally Posted by Kevin_Garnett_5
Yup except they're pointing out little things like "OMGZ DID U GUYZ SEE RONDO PASS ON A FAST BREAK????STATPADDER!!?!?!??!?!!", "RONDO JUST MISSED A JUMP SHOT!!!!!".

I wouldn't call them the most informed considering they ignore anything good that Rondo does out there. I can make a thread every day on a great Rondo play but it would eventually get redundant and tiresome, which is basically what's happening with all these hate threads.

Whatever though, go ahead and get all your Rondo hate threads out now because they won't be around in the Playoffs.
So you admit to not reading the thread and then presume to say the kind of posts that are in it? And this isn't a "thread on a single play" this is a thread that details the fact that he's been garbage since the all star break.

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