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Default Re: Best "VIDEO GAME" players in the league

Originally Posted by Meticode
Damn, you should've recorded that video game at the end of LeBron choking so we could include it in those game gifs where he misses all his shots. Where there's like 6 different games on one GIF.

"LeBron for three! Oh no, not again!"

Wow haha, i would have if i had thought of that.

But seriously speaking, LeBron isn't close to unstoppable in 2k11. I'd say Wade is harder to stop because his shot rating is higher and so he's more versatile in the game.

Here's my list based on personal experience.

- Steve Nash, 100% F/G
- Derrick Rose Can drive in and shoot
- CP3, he'll rob you and then shoot at 3 in your face
- Vince Carter / Grant Hill - Really good in 2k
- Billups, you can't stop his 3's, made 5 in a row and had 12-13 3's.
- Kobe, his shot is unstoppable almost.
- Granger almost like Kobe
- Monta Ellis / Curry - I'll drain 3's the entire game with them, might take a little while to get used to Currys shot
- Melo, 3's, drive in , almost unstoppable.
- Ray Allen, when he's hot, game over (like in real life lolz)

When i don't use L.A, which I often don't because people complain about me using them. I'll use the Suns or the Warriors.
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