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Default Re: Who remember when Jalen rose was the Bulls' franchise player?

Originally Posted by emsteez forreal
i remember vividly. the eddie robinson days.
Ha, I remember Eddie catching a lot of flak for pulling his "toss alley-oop to self then dunk" move at the end of a rare Bulls blowout, maybe against the Hawks. I searched on YouTube and could only find the one he pulled off in the first quarter against Golden State.

Edit: Nevermind, it's at the 1:00 mark of this video:

Anyway, it's cool because Eddie's a really easy player to recreate when I'm trying to simulate the early 2000's on NBA2K11. His gear, tattoos, and cornrows make him look very authentic from a distance.

On topic, I'm pleasantly surprised Jalen Rose turned out as good as he did. He didn't really start putting things together until he got to Indiana. There was a while there where I thought he was just going to be a career mediocre guy. Seemed to be a shoe-in that Juwan Howard was going to have a better career at that point.
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