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Default Re: Blake Griffin goes off after a flagrant foul

Originally Posted by qrich
I'd rather Griffin just show that he's frustrated the way that he did, but teams will probably still go after him just as hard. I agree he overreacted, but it was all the built up times he gets shoved with the opposition not playing a play on the ball. It's one thing if they at least are making a decent effort to challenge, but when it's with no play on the ball, that is wrong.

He probably needs to K-Mart someone. I can't find the clip I had seen before, but K-Mart just clotheslined the shit out of Malone.
I've been looking for those Kenyon Martin clips for years! I'd provide a reputation boost if I could. Martin went on a killing spree in 2002. I legitimately thought he may have been borderline insane at that point. I believe the league began to suspend him short order and it kind of squashed his masquerade.

Here's an article on the matter (at least 5 moderate to heavy flagrants in less than a season):

And here's Martin's hit on McGrady from that season:

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