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Default Re: players you keep from the existing roster

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
I think he'll be a decent bench player. He's too much of a "me-first" kind of player, which works really well in his current situation, but it won't work so much in the NBA. He plays a lot like Iverson, but clearly has a lot less talent.

I heard he's been a bit of a ball hog this year because his team's just not as talented this year and he has to take over the scoring. He dished out 12 assists yesterday though.

The thing I like about him is he can get by anyone, he's got excellent quickness, speed, ball handling, and lateral quickness. He does a good job on D keeping guys in front of him. The main knock is his height. He'll probably get posted up a lot. He's got a toughness about him that I like too and is a good leader. I think he's a top 10 pick but probably not a top 5. It's all Irving or Barnes for me. I wouldn't mind trading down if we don't get one of them.
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