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Default Re: Demar Derozan's 2nd dunk in the contest...

Originally Posted by DJMason
The fact that DeRozan has already equalled Desmond Mason's best year in his second year as a 20-year old has to be encouraging though. I think DeRozan also has a better attitude/work ethic and therefore can still improve, especially as I'm seeing him get better/more confident as the season goes on.

I'll have faith in the kid for at least 2-3 more years while the team hopefully continues to suck and accumulate picks. Most players in the league don't just come in and tear sh!t up, and we knew DeRozan was raw and likely wouldn't. We won't go very far if he's the best player on our team, but with a super tallented 1 (we can dream it'll be Irving) and a proper centre I think he and Davis could start for us long-term.
I agree. This is almost exactly what I was gonna say. This is Demar's second season and he's 20 years old, those stats are from Mason's 6th season when he was 27-28 years old. Demar has a lot to learn and a lot of room for growth still and I think it's way too early to consider him a complete product. I don't ever expect him to become a playmaker, but I do expect steady improvements in his scoring ability, defense, and rebounding as time goes by and as he gets to play more important minutes. His work ethic, and his attitude alone are reasons why I don't think he'll max out at a peak of a guy like Desmond Mason.
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