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Default Re: Demar Derozan's 2nd dunk in the contest...

Originally Posted by bluerap
I haven't watched any raptor games this year (just can't stomach it).

I'm going to watch tonight because I love OKC and they are never televised.

I am curious though. What is demar's d like? He obviously has the athleticism to do the job. Does he have the desire?

The commentators are always saying he practices his jumpshot like twice a day, even after team practices and games.

I'd say DeMar 's easily a starter and could potentially be an all-star at some point. Look at his scoring average every month this year:

November 45.9 FG% 11.9 ppg
December 48.1 FG% 15.9 ppg
January 44.2 FG% 18.5 ppg
February 51.5 FG% 18.9 ppg
March 50.0 FG% 20.9 ppg

He's still getting better every month. So I think we can expect him to be a 19-20 ppg scorer next year. His defense needs a lot of work, along with his rebounding. DeMar doesn't seem to have good lateral quickness. He gets beat on a lot of crossovers and has hard time fighting through picks. He needs to put on some muscle this offseason and extend his range out to 3. However, he's shown huge improvement from last year.

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