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Default Re: Demar Derozan's 2nd dunk in the contest...

Originally Posted by bluerap
I haven't watched any raptor games this year (just can't stomach it).

I'm going to watch tonight because I love OKC and they are never televised.

I am curious though. What is demar's d like? He obviously has the athleticism to do the job. Does he have the desire?
His defense isn't the greatest at this point, but I definitely don't see it as a lack of desire. I've seen many various interviews where he talks about studying lots of game film to where he looks to figure out ways to stop the elite SG's that he has to guard night in and night out. I think thathe's gonna continue to improve over time but he does have a lot to work on in the off-season. I really like the guy though and I would like to see him along with Ed Davis kept as part of our core moving forward.
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