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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I think the fact that you have a website dedicated to hating on one person is pathetic and shows that 1. he should care less what you have to think and 2 you're delusional about basketball.Melo plays better D then Amare so why should he be "following Amare's lead".You ever think ppl are pointing fingers at the coach because the coach sucks?I think the general consensus is that getting Melo was a bad thing.That's absolute BS.This is why we get such a bad wrap as fans.Theres no pleasing us and if we run Melo outta town like we did every other star we had,we aren't going to have the opportunity to sign guys in the future.Melo is arguably the best scorer in the game,he's a decent rebounder,he's one of the most clutch players in the league,he'll attract FA in the future and despite criticism of him not playing D or being a winnner,he's taken the initiative to guard the elite team's superstar AND take + make the big shot at the end of the game already.I don't get how Melo gets ripped but Walsh gets a pass simultaneously.We essentially tanked multiple seasons to get LeBron and didnt.Melo should be the guy who was the consolation to save Walsh's job.If not,you essentially threw away seasons to get Amare and a decent role players.If Melo is a "bad move" as some of you are portraying then you better be saying Walsh needs to be fired also.Otherwise,you're a hypocrite.

As for the dodging of reporters,I thought it was overrated when LeBron didnt shake hands and the same with Melo.I like to see a player so upset that they don't wanna be bothered.Who wants to see a player cordial and collected after losing a game?Not me.I look @ Rick Pitino and see him as an analyst a day after losing in the tournament.Its mind boggling.Sure you wanna see good sportsmanship but you know what,Sore losers usually try harder to win!

My blog does not hate on Carmelo. Remember it was created before the trade, hence the name, "say no to Carmelo"...:)

If you read the posts on my blog in detail, like here: you would see that.

I would love to cheer Carmelo, and I do when he plays defense. You say he is a good defender. I agree, when he WANTS to be. But that's the thing, he only wants to occasionally. I can't get behind ANYONE who doesn't bust his balls every night. I played ball in high school and there was no way I would give less than 100% in any game. Granted I was not pro or even college calibre, but that doesn't change the fact that either you play 100% or you don't , and he doesn't. I can't relate to him until he does.

As far as Walsh, I don't get your point. We had to "tank" those seasons because Isaiah ruined the team. In my blog, I detailed the whole Melo saga, and how Walsh was pushed into making the deal by Dolan, and that (in my opinion) Thomas was behind it. But that's another story...

Do you like Pat Ewing? After every game, win or lose he'd sit there and answer questions. He never did a moody mope out of the locker room like Carmelo.

All I want is for Carmelo to give 100% on D. That's all.

looks like we agree to disagree.

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