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Default Re: Jimmer video. Ive watched him a bit this year and I cant decide on a prediction.

Anything in the top 10-12 picks is too high for this guy. He'll probably go top 10, but he shouldn't. No handles, average athleticism, no defense, average quickness/speed, and, at 6'1/6'2, is really a 2-guard in a PG's body. If he's available at 15-20, he's worth taking, but not much before that.

My prediction: Career 6th/7th man for a good team or fringe starter for a bad team. My guess is that he ends up being a Steve Kerr/Eddie House type player who can come in and be a great spot up shooter (averaging 11-13ppg in his prime), but don't expect much more because he just doesn't have the talent to be a great player.

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