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Default Re: Jimmer video. Ive watched him a bit this year and I cant decide on a prediction.

Originally Posted by DGARAS
you're all being too harsh. thing that separates this guy from the rest is that he's a hard worker.

and he played 4 years in college. now that's a disadvantage? i've seen people say that players should stay in college longer, now it's he should have come to the nba sooner. lol

make up your minds. stop hating.

yea he's white. his first step is fine. his shooting is great. he's a better version of eddie house that can run the offense a little bit. 15+ is fine for him.

anything could happen though. he could work hard and become a good nba player. you never know.

No one is 'hating.' And, no amount of hard-work will make Jimmer 6-foot-5, which is where he really needs to be to dominate in the NBA with his style of play and physical tools. He is a great college player, but the NBA is a different animal all-together.

I don't think it is a slight to say that a guy has potential to be a good 6th man, energy guy off of the bench on a good NBA team.
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