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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

knicks32, I read your entire blog, and you make it clear you didn't want three trade for Melo.

That is all I got from it.

It is really just a rant of everything that Melo does bad.

I do have a question for you......

Do you have a blog about other players as well?

The reason why I ask this is because the only player I see you pointing to being an awful defender is Melo.

Melo has said some things that I don't condone.

I would prefer he be the professional and not air out the dirt in the media, but he isn't the only one doing that.

I wish he would just focus on the game.

Stat has done that all season long though.

1)Using the "we are young" excuse after every loss.

2)Questioning layer heart in the media.

3)Never ever admitting that he needs to get better defensively.

I don't see anything about anyone other than Melo in your blog.

And absolutely nothing positive.

Why didn't you note in Melo's first game, when he hit that crucial bucket against the Bucks late in the fourth, when Stat fouled out due to having no clue on defense, the fans chanting Melo's name, and Stat wasn't cheering for him?

How about when Melo decided to guard LeBron in Miami which both players admitted Melo saying " I got him", most notably forcing LeBron into a bad shot?

How about Melo assuming the point forward role when Chauncey is out?

I don't see Amar'e performing like a "Center", when he is playing the position, but that's not in your blog.

How about Melo admitting he is willing to take less shots (10 was the exact quote), if that's what the offense needs?

That's just a few.

I do think you have a good writing style and you pay attention to detail by your work, but for me personally if all I read is bad, I throw the book away.

It's all negative Melo and virtually nothing positive.

You feel me?
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