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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
knicks32 I am a defense appreciator myself, which is why I favored Chandler over Gallo so much.

And primarily even though I thought Mozgov was raw I killed D'antoni on numerous occasion for not playing him because we need size in the Center spot, not more offense.

But the team as a whole doesn't play good defense, namely our leader in Stat.

He never plays defense, and has admitted recently as to why.

Because he doesn't wanna pick up fouls.

But really though, your blog wasn't bad, it's just too centered toward blaming Melo for everything wrong with the Knicks.

At least that's the impression I got.

Nah, I have criticized D'Antoni many times. You just haven't read enough of my posts...:)

If you look at my first post,, I gave the reasons that I didn't want the trade from before it was made. Since then, everything I predicted has come true.

So where do we go from here? I don't see the Knicks getting better than the 7th seed which puts them against the Celtics or Bulls. Not lookin' good.

Actually I think the key is not Carmelo or Stat, but Chauncey. If he can play like he did vs. the Heatles, there's a first round shot.

More importantly than this season, I don't know if the Knicks have enough money under the cap to land another star next year, so who can we land as a Center? That's still the main question.
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