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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

I want to address some of this.

I also want to commend you personally for bringing in some good dialogue as well.

Originally Posted by knick32
More Interesting stuff. But you didn't mention the last second block on lebron that Stat made...:)
Stat may not be the best defender but I don't see him taking plays off like Melo does.

I didn't mention the block mainly because I don't view blocking shots as a defensive trait, at least not in the retrospect of how many player today do it.

I believe in the Bill Russell block, block it in the direction of a team mate, so they can have a chance to get the ball.

Anything else, just gives the opponent the ball right back, which isn't a legit defensive play.

Also the defensive sequence ended when LeBron put up the contested shot, with Melo defending.

Originally Posted by knick32
My feeling on Walsh is that Lebron couldn't relate to this old white guy in a wheelchair, and Dolan didn't help.
Who did they have with them? Allan Houston. Nuff said.
Their proposal was whack to Lebron.
Yes Walsh blew it, but give the man credit for building the Pacers into a top club, and he is doing it with the Knicks. Give him another 2 seasons and I believe we will be in the Eastern Conference Championship.

LeBron just was not coming, the plan was set years ago.

The Knicks had to go through the motions, but they knew better.

Most speculated that the Knicks presentation to LeBron was the worst out of all the team who was bidding for him.

How can the team who planned two years for a chance to get LeBron look that bad?

Because he wasn't coming.

i do think Walsh has done a good job, but I can't fully pretend like no one else could have done it either.

There were quite a few teams with cap flexibility.

I think Walsh could have kept the team a little more competitive while dumping salary, just my opinion.

The Nets didn't take two years dumping salary, they did it in less than six months, just like Chicago did.

The Bulls dumped salary while maintaining a playoff team.

Originally Posted by knick32
I think Carmelo will eventually become a good defender, but it will take another coach to get it out of him. Agreed, D'Antoni is not the answer for defense, and we all know that. I can't wait to see Mark Jackson in his seat and I think that's a definite possibility, but with Dolan, who knows?

I think Melo is a good defender now, and we both agree that he can if he wants to.

That's where coaching comes in, and I totally fault D'antoni for it.

But it's something I have noticed on the offensive end that is disturbing with what is happening with Melo.

1)He is being featured in the offense and is being used as a three point line decoy alot more than I prefer to see.

2)Most notable I think he has been told to shoot less, because he has said it recently in the media, and now in the last two games he has barely touched the ball, and has had a ridiculously low shot attempt count.

Originally Posted by knick32
My final word on Carmelo is what I said before...I just want him to bust his balls on D. That's all.

Which is where I agree, but the leader on the team doesn't do it, and the coach doesn't stress it.
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